Hawaiian Lei Bath & Body 20% off (Aloha20) PLUS $5 Domestic Shipping & Free Plumeria Flower Clip

The magical history of the Hawaiian Lei dates back to the ancient Hawaiians who wore braided leaves, native flowers, shells, and feathers to beautify themselves.  


They also offered these hand-made garlands to each other as a symbol of Aloha, love & friendship.  Today, the ancient tradition continues as the Hawaiian Lei is given to welcome visitors to Hawaii as well as to family and friends as gifts of love and friendship. 


As a frequent visitor to the Hawaiian Islands, the first thing April does when she arrives is find the nearest lei stand. 


With her first breath of the beautiful, fragrant flower Lei, she is transformed and filled with the Aloha spirit!


This is something April wanted to experience every day on her vacation if not something she could take home with her; an everlasting Hawaiian Lei. 


After endlessly searching the hotel gift shops and boutiques for a fragrance that would remind her of this experience, she decided to create it herself.....a fresh, clean and alluring fragrance reminiscent of her favorite Hawaiian Lei Flowers,Tuberose, Plumeria and Purple Orchid. 


And now you can experience the beautiful Fragrance of a Fresh Hawaiian Lei in a luxurious line of bath & body products handcrafted with Aloha....... Paraben and Cruelty Free!