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Thank you April, my sister and I lived in Maui and Oahu for 5 years, Hawai'i is in our hearts and minds all the time..I have ordered all kinds of Hawaiian lotions and this by far is the best I have smelled! That's why I ordered it immediately for me and Xmas gifts for my sister. Thank you So much! Can't wait to get it! Mahalo for the extra 2 ounces!   Aloha- Jessica :-)


Your body butter is the best I have ever used, thanks!

Anita C.
I am in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and so far I have tried 3 different products to help prevent stretch marks, including Burt's Bee's, Palmer's Coco Butter, and a natural one I found at a health store. I wasn't happy with any of them, all of them were lacking in the smell department, and were either not moisturizing enough or way too greasy. At the Palm Springs street fair, I walked by the Hawaiian Lei booth and sampled their body butter, and immediately fell in love and purchased a large tub. I have now gone through my first tub and have bulk ordered more to get me through the rest of my pregnancy, I am so in love with this product! The smell is heavenly and it's the perfect amount of moisture that lasts all day without being greasy. And so far no stretch marks!

Steven B.
Why can't everything smell like this?!  Intoxicating yummy scent that lingers like a fresh Hawaiian lei around your neck.  And the bonus gifts were equally lovely, with all 3 perfect for travel, this is well worth the $ and sure to be a must have. MAHALO nui loa!

Irene S.
I love your body butter :-)

We were in Oahu last fall and nothing smells and feels as good as your product!

Russ I.
The fragrance of Hawaiian Lei body butter reminds me of getting off the plane for the first time on the Islands...it brings a tear to my eye. Thanks so much for introducing me to your products.
Marcie V.
Your product is the best cream to use after breast cancer surgery. I use it every night.
Karen S.
We love your product. It is really making a difference on my son's skin which is extremely dry.
I absolutely LOVE your product. We live part time in Hawaii, and on a recent trip over, I smeared your luscious product all over myself before my return flight home to Malibu.... for the first time ever, my skin did not dry out on the plane, and my beautiful surfing-bronze color is still intact. I live in Malibu where it can be very dry and will always use this as an all over body butter.
I was at the Street Fair in Palm Springs. Love the subtle
fragrance and the non greasiness and that it softens my dry skin.
Hi April, I was in Palm Springs and there was a booth at the street fair selling your products.  I sampled the perfume or spray mist and fell in love.  I bought the mist and body creme.  I don't think I can ever be without it now - it's a happy smell (if that is possible).
Leeyan C.
I just wanted to thank you for your very personalized attention to my order and for the extra goodie you packed!  What a wonderful product and incredible customer service. 
Donna P.
I go to the Palm Springs street fair every couple of years and LOVED your product. I have now turned my Alaska friends on to it as well as my Oregon daughter - she told all her college friends.  I am thrilled to find something that works in the dryness of Alaska and the humidity of Eugene, Oregon. Believe me, I have tried everything and yours is the best at home as well as on the road for travel. I have been in Nevada( biking), southern Utah (hiking/biking), and Washington(hiking), as well as Alaska, California and Oregon in the last 3 months. Your product is all I carry now. My active lifestyle dictates making sure I have a good moisturizer and yours is the winner!
Julie M.
I first came upon your products at the Solana Beach farmers market in California. I purchased a 2oz bottle of lotion to start.  I really wanted to buy one of everything!  I very much love and appreciate the purity and beautiful fragrance of the lotion.  It feels and smells wonderful on my skin.  Thank you so much for making them available for an easy order online.
your lotion smells so good and my skin has never been better. I love your product.
Liz L.
I love the Hawaiian Lei products. Not only do they smell wonderful, they contain rich, healing ingredients. My skin is dry, and I have found that the shea butter moisturizes my skin better than other lotions and creams I have tried.
Phillip H.
My wife and I were in Hawaii a year ago and she bought a bottle of your hand lotion at the Ko Olina Marriott. She loves the way it makes her skin feel and I love the smell. She uses it at work and it makes her remember how great it was being in Hawaii. Last time I was at her office I noticed it was empty; we were on the Big Island last month but I couldn’t find that specific lotion, so I found you on-line and I ordered her a couple gifts for Christmas.
Debbie G
You squirted a small sample into my hand at the Thursday Night sidewalk arts in Palm Springs. After I looked at all of the displays, I had to come back and buy some body butter. I asked around until I found you. I loved the smell. I thought it would make great Christmas gifts, so I ordered 3 more. I will definitely look you up next time I am in Palm Springs. Merry Christmas!
Cindy W.
Aloha, Thanks you so much for the wonderful and fast service you have given me with my order. You made everything so easy and fast. 5 star service. Looking forward to be doing more business in the near future. Mahalo, Cindy
Cindy W.
Aloha. I just wanted to say thanks for the extra goodies you sent to me. Iam very pleased with your product line. I have been away from home (Hawaii - Oahu) for a long time now. I miss it so much. Your products are absolutely wonderful,and remind me of home. I have tried the perfume oil, Shea Butter Lotion and Shea Body Butter. The lotion and body butter leaves my skin very moisturized, soft and silky. The perfume oil also last a long time. All products seem very gentle and the aroma of the scents smells very beautiful. Again thank you so much for your A+++++ service and wonderful products. I look forward to future business. Mahalo, Cindy
Marta L
Love the Shea butter cream. It keeps your skin soft even after washing your hands and truly helps heal your hands that have cracks from cold weather.
Astra P.
I just got the Beautiful fragrance gift from my sister who went to the psychic fair in Palm Springs and it is truly divine. I love the products and packaging is feminine and beautiful. I am happy to make your acquaintance with my sister and hope to continue with the fragrances of Hawaii
Debbie P.
I'm so glad you offered me a sample of the Shea butter cream at the San Diego event last Sunday. I love your products! Your perfume is lovely and it's wonderful how you used the other scents to make the Plumeria stand out. The Shea butter adds a wonderful warmth to the scent. Thank you again!
Janelle R.
I first tried your lotion at the Solana Beach Farmer's Market, and have been wanting to purchase more of your wonderfully scented products ever since. The fragrance lasts a long time and the lotion is extra moisturizing. I can't wait to try your other products!
Michelle D.
Your lotion reminds me of when I stepped off of the plane in Hawaii for my honeymoon (2008). That scent is the exact scent of the lei I received when I arrived. I love how soft it makes my skin feel, and it reminds me everyday how in love I am with my husband. Thank you for capturing the essence of Hawaii.
Karina S.
I love the texture and the smell. My skin absorbs you product nicely. You have a fantastic product and a return customer!
I recently purchased the $5 sample at Strawberry Days in Glenwood Springs, CO...I'm THRILLED with your product because my skin absolutely LOVES it!!
LOVE YOUR LOTION! I tried and purchased products at Strawberry Days, Glenwood Springs, CO, and my skin looks and feels wonderful inside and out. I have been using the Shea & Cocoa Butter cream constantly, and the delicious smell is relaxing. Thank you so much for stopping me at your booth, and I will be trying all of your product very soon... Aloha!